Sunday, 2 October 2016

Surat Speaks - Ms Mimansa Shastri, a dynamic post graduate from PRL, ISRO in Space and Atmospheric Science, stresses on methodological changes in our way of life......

“The recent prediction as presented by a Times of India report says that 2016 will be the hottest year among 2014 2015 and 2016. I am little perplexed. Am I the only one who is feeling this ever existent – more than required warmth in the urban areas? Or am I the only one who has read so many things about man made global warming and can relate to it? Why are the well-educated and well aware people not speaking a word about conservation of environment. Is this one issue which everyone is missing out?? Why people of India are afraid of sensationalizing this extremely important issue which the whole world is talking about?” Writes Ms Mimansa Shastri, on her blog. Her concerns, though expressed a year ago sound still very much contemporary…..and that’s the reason why they are important.

Ms Mimansa Shastri, is one of those ‘different people’…..she has her M.Sc in Applied Physics from SVNIT and post graduate diploma in Space and Atmospheric Science from Physical Research Laboratory – PRL, (mother institute of ISRO), Ahmedabad. Her expertise in these fields, with background of internationally acclaimed institutions, adds the gravity to the concerns and issues she has raised…...

“During the PG Diploma course work I got interested in atmospheric science and started researching on the atmospheric aerosols. During the research work I came across research papers which showed how festivals impacted negatively on the environment which ultimately lead me to a conclusion that we need to start making common people aware about the present scenario and how by implementing simple changes in the way of our celebration. We can bring lot of positive change in the society. I strongly feel that some methodological change is required in the way we celebrate Ganesha festival and Diwali. For instance installing eco friendly Ganesha which can be immersed in water at home and reused as soil for home plants/ using alumn as material for building Ganesha idols…..” Shastri further adds.

“With some of my friends I’ve started an initiative under our group ‘Rayzz of Hope’  for spreading awareness regarding the eco friendly way of celebrating festivals. I try not to lose a single chance for speaking against the issues of air/ water/ land/ noise pollution which citizens generate in the unnecessary activities.  I feel that since we have started finding eco friendly alternatives for so many other day to day activities then why festivals should be excluded.  We need more voices to make our voice stronger. I plead Surtis to spread the cause as much as possible.

Participation of common people is most vital in bringing solution to any such issue. This blog, aims in becoming a platform for like minded people like Ms Mimansa and bringing their voices on one common platform.
One cannot agree more with Ms Mimansa. When the concerns are coming from experts like herself, it is important for every citizen to think, and rethink our way of life – ‘lifestyle’. If we wish to maintain our way of life, we must improve it for better….!

Sincere thanks, Ms Mimansa…….

Himanshu (Arjun) Padhya

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