Sunday, 25 September 2016

Surat Speaks - Mamta Vora, a dedicated housewife and equally active environmentalist has innovative ideas for solution.....

“We exist at a time when the climate change has become irreversible and we have to focus urgently on preventing it from further deterioration. We have to do what is possible and what is still in our control before it is too late….Our focus should be to minimize water and air pollution and sound pollution for our sanity…..” Says Mrs Mamta Vora, a housewife, with post graduate degree in science, and a keen dedication for the social causes and conservation of environment.

Mrs Vora has her master’s degree in home science. She is one of those citizens, who are not only concerned, but also believe in action. She has been actively managing her time, in giving her services as teacher for primary students and also has been actively involved in promoting eco-friendly products for city. She also has a deep concern for increasing noise pollution and its ill effects.

“We celebrate many festivals in India which are a joy to few and inconvenience and harassment to many and the environment. We pollute the air busting loud crackers which also contribute to sound pollution as well as littering the road with debri.  Any true religion is about nurturing the planet not destroying it. We can celebrate using paper crackers and safe natural colours and diyas using oil rather than candles. Being religious does not mean proclaiming your faith by bursting noisy crackers at midnight …..” her words are harsh, but speaks reality. Noise pollution, even without celebrations, is one those ‘neglected’ issue of our city. Our city is on verge, with noise of celebrations and vehicular horns.

“The Ganesh festival with the POP idols and the pollution they cause to rivers and aquatic life as well as the sound pollution caused for 10 days around the installation is quite a well-known and discussed subject. We have to replace POP with clay or any other environmentally friendly alternative. There are many alternatives and awareness of these can be advertised on hoardings displayed by showrooms etc. They can even participate and install such an idol which will set an example to follow.”

“Hoardings with such eco-friendly solutions displayed by shops and showrooms will send a powerful message and at no extra cost as they would be displayed on their own signboards. And when this is done along with the establishments own participation people will certainly join in large numbers.” This is a wonderful idea, as suggested by Mrs Vora. A general appeal, to all people and establishments, who are putting hoardings, to just add a simple, small tagline in their hoarding for some cause of environment conservation. This is a unique idea, and something that has potential not only to involve more people for a cause, but also to make a change for real!

“There should be a term used for psychological pollution which destroys mental peace. Lack of civic sense when standing in a queue, honking unnecessarily, wrong side driving, wrong side overtaking , continuous sound pollution by industrial air-conditioners and restaurant chimneys , lack of parking sense , cheating on taxes, fraud …..All of the above may not destroy the physical environment but are very detrimental to our spiritual and psychological health and environment.”

She is also actively involved in promoting eco-friendly bags, for preventing use of plastic. 
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Let us take the initiative to stop using plastic

Sincere thanks, Mrs Mamta Vora…….

Himanshu (Arjun ) Padhya

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